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Drupal How to: Build a slideshow in a slideshow with Paragraph and slick

For a web project I'm currently developing, I had to find a way to serve a slideshow in another slideshow. IMHO it's a good UI solution to serve content smart, fast and responsive, which is a base requirement for mobile web devices. After some research I decided to go on with slick as slideshow base tool. Other slideshow tools aren't so flexible and extendable than slick carousel is.

The joint venture between slick carousel and the blazy library are also a very great effort to mobile users, to serve content compressed if necessary.

What makes a Drupal migration painful

I posted this comment as response to a blog post on ( I hope that it will be published soon.

IMHO the problem is not the migration of the core to a new version itself, the contrib modules are often a real bottleneck.
During the migration from D6 to D7 a few years ago, the probability to find a ported module was quite higher than when migrating from D7 to D8.

Why a "Logic Initiative" for Drupal 8 Core would make sense

I'm not a programmer (I'm too long out of practise with my PHP skills ^^, only building themes and build sites. During my time as a site builder with Drupal 7, I had to implement some "business logic" into almost of the Drupal sites I made.

Example: User X clicks on a link and then happens an action if he has the right user role, else another action happens

Therefore I learned to appreciate some modules, which are almost part of my standard Drupal (7) working tool box.

These Modules are:

Howto get Nvidia graphics card/video card running on Ubuntu 17.04

The main part of this article was originally my answering post related this question on AskUbuntu.

Nvidia's linux driver politics makes it impossible to run an ubuntu live environment out of the box. Even running the standard graphical installer is impossible (perhaps nouveau driver will support  my Nvidia GTX 1080 later). This article shall be a workaround  how to get Ubuntu running, unfortunatelly with propetiary drivers by Nvidia only.