Why a "Logic Initiative" for Drupal 8 Core would make sense

Mon, 05/14/2018 - 14:38

I'm not a programmer (I'm too long out of practise with my PHP skills ^^, only building themes and build sites. During my time as a site builder with Drupal 7, I had to implement some "business logic" into almost of the Drupal sites I made.

Example: User X clicks on a link and then happens an action if he has the right user role, else another action happens

Therefore I learned to appreciate some modules, which are almost part of my standard Drupal (7) working tool box.

These Modules are:

To establish a business logic in Drupal 8 "out of the box" which is harmonizing with other core elements too (like views or entity reference field) it would make sense to merge the efforts of  the mentioned modules into a core module (let's e.g. call it "Logic").

So whats about founding a "Logic Initiative"?

Just my 2 cents



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