Who is writing here

Portrait Philipp Schrenk

Who's behind this Blog?

My name is Philipp Schrenk. This blog is my private blog. Here topics shall get a voice, which I find interesting. Of course, comments and discussions resulting from there are very welcome.

Why dercheffe?

Sometimes at the end of the 90's of the last century the digital age started at my home. Back then indeed with a 64 KB/s ISDN connection. Today hardly to imagine.

Of course I had been curious and quite soon I signed up at ICQ (at this time it was a most popular and famous messaging service). ICQ had (and still has) nearly the same functions like WhatsApp. Everyone then gets a unique number (the ICQ-UIN) by ICQ during registration and should also choose a nickname.

And because some of my friends with a wink call me  "Cheffe" or "Chef" (which means somerhing like "boss"), my choice had been quite easy: dercheffe was ready for takeoff

So if I register somewhere I'm always "dercheffe", when the nick is still available. If not, I append some digits at the end :)

What does Philipp do at the web aside this blog?

Otherwise I'm the founder of the holiday platform/hotel comparisation platform for people with disabilities globewheeler.com and co-founder of the German maths website mathetreff-online.de. You can find me at Facebook, Twitter (link to my twitter profile) and Instagram (link to my instagram profile)
Because there is currently massive spamming on Facebook, it's in my opinion better not to provide a profile link here. If you want to be my facebook friend, please contact me before.

Some additional information about me


  • likes to take photos
  • likes to eat everything that's tasty. Unfortunately those things almost aren't very healthy. Definitive favourite is Schnitzel and French fries
  • is employed at the German state (public services)
  • likes Homer Simpson :D
  • likes wine beer
  • speaks aside German also the ironical language with a sarcastic accent, Swabian dialect and British English
  • is disabled since birth and needs crutches or a wheelchair