A great tool for editors: Drupal's new "Layout Builder"

Thu, 07/18/2019 - 17:17

The article was written as part of a comment I left on this blog post by webwash.

I'm building a site with D8 currently. which using Layout Builder for some content types. A great effort and progress for Drupal as CMS, because it's a massive improvement for Drupal's UX. Currently, Layout Builder has some "child diseases".

  1. Blocks are not translatable yet, when they are created via Layout Builder
  2. Overwritten block titles aren't translatable too
  3. Some visibility options of the normal block layout are missing when using Layout Builder, which are necessary (access regulation by role, url path)
  4. The CSS of the section is often difficult to trigger, because of missing css classes
  5. Templating seems not ready yet, would like more template suggestions out of the box (maybe in combination with css classes/ID's mentioned above)

Will Layout Builder will replace paragraphs module?

Well, as you wrote too, it depends on the project requirements IMHO.

In my opinion I like the Lego like bricks principle, to build for example an article node. Okay you would get the same result with custom blocks too, but the block library will look quite overloaded after a short time  and the site admin and the editors will loose the overview. From UX/UI point of view it's more user friendly to click edit on a node and drupal knows what "lego brick" belongs to which article node.

I think both modules can co-exist next to each other or even (like in my current project) play together, what works quite good. Instead of overwrite the node template with twig I use Layout Builder for this. The body field is controlled by paragraphs, where I can provide pre-defined "bricks"/paragraphs to my article editors.

IMHO Layout Builder can more replace layouting modules like "Display Suite", "Panels" or "Page Manager", when Layout Builder has missing features retrofitted.

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